Through regional collaboration and performance, Newell Regional Services Corporation is a well-managed utility service provider instilling the confidence of our stakeholders. We will be receptive to opportunities presented where our strengths can be utilized.


Recognizing the value of our precious natural, human and financial resources, the Corporation will exceed regulatory requirements in providing affordable and sustainable utility services to our stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Providing quality products
  • Achieving excellence in service provision
  • Developing positive relationships and municipal cooperation
  • Maintaining a safe working environment
  • Developing organizational resources
  • Communicating respectfully with stakeholders for mutual benefit
  • Exercising responsible stewardship of our natural resources

Newell Regional Services Corporation
P.O. Box 638,
Brooks, AB, Canada
T1R 1B6

Telephone (403) 794-4000
Fax (403) 794-4051

County of Newell
City of Brooks