Paying Your Water Bill

There are options available in order for you to pay your water bill. Whether you are paying a regular utility bill or your truck fill account, the options are the same.

  1. In Person at Your Financial Institution:
    You may pay your water bill, in person, at any financial institution in Canada. Please bring the bottom of your utility bill with you when you pay your bill. It is called a REMITTANCE STUB. Your financial institution will require that form so your payment information can be forwarded to Newell Regional Services Corporation (NRSC) and your account, with NRSC, will be correctly processed and recorded.
  2. On-Line Banking
    If you use a computer for on-line banking, you can pay your utility or truck fill bill using on- line banking. Open your banking web page. To add Newell Regional Services Corporation, as a payee, navigate to add a payee and search for Newell Regional Services Corporation. NRSC is listed with all financial institutions in Canada. Insert your Newell Regional Services Corporation account number (found on your Utility Bill) and NRSC will be listed on your list of payees. You may then insert the amount indicated on your bill and the date you want to pay. Your financial institution will then forward your payment to NRSC and your account payment will be processed and recorded.
  3. Telephone Banking
    Your financial institution will prompt you for the correct information including your Newell Regional Services account number (found on your Utility Bill), amount of payment and date of payment. That information will be forwarded to NRSC by your financial institution and your account will then be processed.
  4. Canada Post
    You may pay your account by regular Canada Post. Please mail the REMITTANCE STUB from the bottom of your bill along with your cheque (please do not send cash) in the amount of the payment. Once received by Newell Regional Services Corporation, your payment will be processed and your account recorded.
  5. Unfortunately, due to security reasons and staffing requirements, we cannot accept payments, in person, at the offices of Newell Regional Services Corporation. For your safety and the safety of workers, the public cannot access the Water Treatment Plant.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. Newell Regional Services Corporation endeavors to excel at customer service. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us at 403-794-4000 or write us an e-mail at

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